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Don't believe half of what you think!

The enemy will make you feel comfortable and even led by God if it keeps you away from where God actually wants to place you.

The accuser, satan, knows scripture better than you and he knows your weaknesses enough to weaponize them against you. 

He will do this while you praise each of his steps believing what you “feel” is right is the actual way to go. 

The enemy plants seeds of emotion in you and waters it with feelings and false signs. So when it’s time to harvest the “good”, you’ve missed out on God’s great.

Yes, satan will literally give you something good in order to keep you from God’s great!

You don’t really even have to sin to follow the enemy, you just need to follow YOU. 

You don’t have to turn from God to be on satan’s payroll, you just need to turn to YOU.

God tells us He has a plan and even when you don’t see it, we are to trust Him and follow.

The enemy wants you to trust your emotions and will surround you with people to confirm your decisions, while he leads you astray.

When the Bible says "do not lean on your own understanding," the Bible is being serious. 

The enemy will use memories to guilt you so you stay away from something that takes God’s hand to fix, because the restoration of what is destroyed would be a testimony to impact so many others.

He will drape his arm around you and say, “don’t look back, it’s too painful”. 

He will cause your heart pain and whisper in your ear all the scripture to substantiate his plan.

Your heart is deceitful, your emotions fluctuate, your understanding does not see the overall, big picture.

If it hurts others, but serves you…

If it breaks covenants, but serves you…

If it creates pain, but serves you…

If it’s anything other than following His commands in Scripture… it only serves you. 

That is not following God because…

God never lies

God never changes

God knows all

Trust Him.

God will continue to pull you back to something He has for you through good memories, reminding you to work to what He has planned and not for yourself.

Don’t destroy what God creates in order to serve YOU.

Proverbs 4:23 ”Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.“

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